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CHAPTER 50: GARBAGE AND REFUSE <br /> Section <br /> 50.01 Definitions <br /> 50.02 Prohibited accumulation; disposal required <br /> 50.03 Refuse storage regulations <br /> 50.04 Refuse collectors <br /> 50.05 Collection vehicles <br /> 50.06 Prohibited acts and conditions <br /> § 50.01 DEFINITIONS. <br /> For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context <br /> clearly indicates or requires a different meaning. <br /> CONSTRUCTION DEMOLITION DEBRIS. Waste building materials, packaging and <br /> rubble resulting from construction, remodeling, repair and demolition of buildings. <br /> GARBAGE. Organic waste resulting from the preparation of food, and decayed and spoiled <br /> food from any source. <br /> RECYCLABLES. Includes paper, plastic, tin cans, aluminum, motor oil, glass, other metal <br /> goods, batteries and other items designated, each separately or otherwise prepared so as to be <br /> acceptable to the recycling center where they are to be deposited. <br /> REFUSE. Includes garbage, rubbish and yard waste. <br /> RUBBISH. Inorganic solid waste such as tin cans, glass, sweepings and the like. <br /> YARD WASTE. Includes grass clippings, leaves and pruning form shrubs. <br /> (Prior Code, § 4-6-1) (Ord. 487,passed 9-21-1998) <br /> § 50.02 PROHIBITED ACCUMULATION; DISPOSAL REQUIRED. <br /> Any unauthorized accumulation of refuse and/or recyclables on any premises is a nuisance <br /> and shall be prohibited. Effective July 1, 1992, the owner or occupant of every household and <br /> business shall be required to contract with a solid waste collection service, duly licensed to <br /> perform the service within the corporate boundaries of the city to dispose of refuse and/or <br /> recyclables that may accumulate upon property owned or occupied by him or her. If the owner <br /> or occupant of any household or business ensure that an environmentally sound alternative is <br /> being used, the household or business shall be exempt from this requirement. <br /> (Prior Code, § 4-6-2) (Ord. 336,passed 12-2-1991; Ord. 701,passed 8-6-2012) Penalty, see § <br /> Page 1 of 5 <br />