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CHAPTER 51: MUNICIPAL WATER AND SEWER; GENERAL PROVISIONS <br /> Section <br /> 51.01 Water and Sewer Division <br /> 51.02 Use of water or sewer system restricted <br /> 51.03 Application for service <br /> 51.04 Permit to connect <br /> 51.05 Payment of rates and charges;procedure for nonpayment <br /> 51.06 Enforcement <br /> § 51.01 WATER AND SEWER DIVISION. <br /> There is hereby established a Water and Sewer Division which shall be under the <br /> supervision of the Utility Services Superintendent. The Division shall be responsible for the <br /> management, maintenance, care and operation of the water works and sanitary sewerage system <br /> of the city. <br /> (Prior Code, § 7-3-1)(Ord. 759,passed 10-05-2015) <br /> § 51.02 USE OF WATER OR SEWER SYSTEM RESTRICTED. <br /> No person shall use or repair any water or sewer service installation connected to the city <br /> water or sewer system except pursuant to application and permit as provided in this chapter. No <br /> person shall make use or repair any installation contrary to the regulatory provisions of this <br /> chapter. <br /> (Prior Code, § 7-3-2) Penalty, see § 10.99 <br /> § 51.03 APPLICATION FOR SERVICE. <br /> Application for a service installation shall be made by the owner of the property to be <br /> served, or by his or her agent. Application for a water or sewer service installation and for water <br /> service shall be made to Public Works on forms prescribed and furnished by the city. By his or <br /> her signature, the applicant shall agree to conform to this chapter and to rules and regulations <br /> that may be established by the city as conditions for the use of water. When a water service <br /> connection has been installed, application for water service may be made either by the owner or <br /> his or her agent or by the tenant or occupant of the premises. <br /> (Prior Code, § 7-3-3) Penalty, see § 10.99 <br /> § 51.04 PERMIT TO CONNECT. <br /> (A) Permit required. No connection shall be made to the city water or sanitary sewer <br /> Page 1 of 4 <br />