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CHAPTER 54: STORMWATER DRAINAGE UTILITY <br /> Section <br /> 54.01 Purpose and policy <br /> 54.02 Definition <br /> 54.03 Stormwater drainage fees <br /> 54.04 Property classifications <br /> 54.05 Credits and appeals <br /> 54.06 Exemptions <br /> 54.07 Billing method <br /> 54.08 Recalculation of fee <br /> 54.09 Penalty for late payment <br /> 54.10 Certification of past due fees on taxes <br /> § 54.01 PURPOSE AND POLICY. <br /> It is the intent of this chapter to establish a stormwater drainage utility within the city to <br /> build, construct, reconstruct, repair, enlarge, improve, or in any other manner obtain stormwater <br /> drainage systems including mains, holding areas and ponds, drainage channels, waterways and <br /> other appurtenances and related facilities for the collection and disposal of stormwater and <br /> maintain and operate the same pursuant to M.S. § 444.075, as it may be amended from time to <br /> time, from which revenues will be derived subject to the provisions of this chapter and <br /> Minnesota Statutes. The stormwater drainage utility shall be a part of the Public Works <br /> Department and under the administration of the City Administrator. <br /> (Prior Code, § 7-5-1) (Ord. 378,passed 5-26-1994; Ord. 759,passed 10-05-2015) <br /> § 54.02 DEFINITION. <br /> For the purposes of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context <br /> clearly indicates or requires a different meaning. <br /> RESIDENTIAL EQUIVALENT FACTOR (REF). The ratio of the average volume of <br /> stormwater runoff generated by one net acre of a given land use to the average volume of <br /> stormwater runoff generated by one net acre of a typical single-family residential land during a <br /> standard five-year, two-hour rainfall event. <br /> (Prior Code, § 7-5-2) (Ord. 378,passed 5-26-1994) <br /> Page 1 of 4 <br />