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CHAPTER 55: STREET LIGHTING UTILITY <br /> Section <br /> 55.01 Purpose <br /> 55.02 Charges <br /> § 55.01 PURPOSE. <br /> For purposes of general health, safety and welfare, it is in the best interests of the residents <br /> that the city operate and maintain a street lighting system throughout the city. It is the intent of <br /> the city to provide the service and to receive reimbursement for the cost thereof by way of a <br /> street lighting utility. <br /> (Prior Code, § 7-8-1) (Ord. 553,passed 12-16-2002) <br /> § 55.02 CHARGES. <br /> (A) Charges for the operation and maintenance of street lighting shall be made against all <br /> property benefitted thereof. Rates shall be established on a flat fee basis as established and from <br /> time to time amended by the City Council. <br /> (B) Street lighting utility fees shall be collected by the city together with other utilities such <br /> as water, sewer and stormwater drainage. Payment shall be required on or before the due date <br /> established by the billing. Delinquent charges shall be collected in accordance with § <br /> 51.05(D)(2). <br /> (Prior Code, § 7-8-2) (Ord. 553,passed 12-16-2002 <br /> Page 1 of 1 <br />