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<br />construction of roadways or public utilities. <br /> (Prior Code, § 4-3-2) (Ord. 583-2004, passed 9-27-2004; Ord. 717, passed 5-20-2013) <br /> <br /> <br />§ 102.03 DEFINITIONS. <br /> <br />For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context <br />clearly indicates or requires a different meaning. <br /> <br />APPLICANT. The person who is applying for a tree preservation permit. <br /> <br />BUILDING PARAMETER. The footprint of the building plus a distance not to exceed 20 <br />feet in each direction thereof. The area of disturbance on either side of a driveway, when added <br />together, shall not exceed 20 feet. <br /> <br />CALIPER INCHES. The length of a straight line measured through the tree six inches above <br />the root ball, up to and including four-inch caliper size. <br /> <br />CANOPY. The horizontal extension of a tree’s branches in all directions from its trunk. <br /> <br />CITY FORESTER. The Parks & Natural Resources Superintendent and/or his/her <br />designated representative. <br /> <br />COUNCIL. The City Council or its designee. <br /> <br />CRITICAL ROOT ZONE (CRZ). The area near the trees that must be protected and avoided <br />during construction. The CRITICAL ROOT ZONE is determined by projecting the tree drip line <br />downward from the outermost edge of the canopy to the ground. <br /> <br />DIAMETER AT BREAST HEIGHT/D.B.H. The width of a tree trunk measured four and <br />one-half feet above the ground. <br /> <br />DRIP LINE. An imaginary vertical line that extends from the outermost branches of a tree’s <br />canopy to the ground. <br /> <br />LAND DISTURBING OR DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITIES. Any change of the land surface <br />including removing vegetative cover, excavating, filling, grading and the construction of any <br />structure. <br /> <br />LAND/PARCEL OF LAND. An entire lot, as defined by the Zoning Code, on or within the <br />boundaries of which land alteration has occurred or is to occur. <br /> <br />LOST SIGNIFICANT TREE. A significant healthy tree lost as a result of: <br /> <br />(1) Grade change of land alteration, whether temporary or permanent, greater than six <br />inches, measured vertically, affecting 30% (as measured on a horizontal plane) or more of the <br /> Page 2 of 17 <br /> <br /> <br />