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<br />during training for the organized competition and is immediately responsive to the commands of its <br />owner or trainer. <br /> <br />UNDER RESTRAINT. An animal, when it is controlled by a chain or leash, is within the limits <br />of the owner’s property, or is confined within a vehicle. <br />(Prior Code, § 5-4-1) (Ord. 579, passed 7-26-2004) <br /> <br /> <br />§ 91.02 DOGS AND CATS. <br /> <br />(A) Number of dogs and cats allowed. No more than three dogs and no more than three cats shall <br />be maintained at any property within a residential district. <br /> <br />(B) Running at large prohibited. It shall be unlawful for the dog or cat of any person who owns, <br />harbors, or keeps a dog or cat, to run at large. A person, who owns, harbors, or keeps a dog or cat <br />which runs at large shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. Dogs or cats on a leash and accompanied by a <br />responsible person or accompanied by and under the control and direction of a responsible person, so <br />as to be effectively restrained by command as by leash, shall be permitted in streets or on public land <br />unless the city has posted an area with signs reading “Dogs or Cats Prohibited.” <br /> <br />(C) License required. <br /> <br />(1) All dogs over the age of 16 weeks kept, harbored or maintained by their owners in the <br />city, shall be licensed and registered with the city. Dog licenses shall be issued by the Savage Police <br />Department upon payment of the license fee. The owner shall state, at the time application is made for <br />the license and upon forms provided for the purpose, his or her name and address and the name, breed, <br />color and sex of each dog owned or kept by him or her. The owner shall also indicate whether the dog <br />has been designated as a dangerous or potentially dangerous dog as defined by M.S. § 347.50, as it may <br />be amended from time to time, in any jurisdiction. No license shall be granted for a dog, which has not <br />been vaccinated against rabies, as provided in this section. New residents to the city must license their <br />dogs within 30 days after they move into the city. <br /> <br />(2) It shall be the duty of each owner of a dog subject to this section to pay to the Savage <br />Police Department the license fee as imposed by the Council by ordinance. The fees may, from time to <br />time, be amended by the Council by ordinance. <br /> <br />(3) Upon payment of the license fee, the Savage Police Department shall issue to the owner a <br />license certificate and metallic tag for each dog licensed. The tag shall have stamped on it the year for <br />which it is issued and the number corresponding with the number on the certificate. Every owner shall <br />be required to provide each dog with a collar to which the license tag must be affixed and shall see that <br />the collar and tag are constantly worn. In case a dog tag is lost or destroyed, a duplicate shall be issued <br />by the Savage Police Department. A charge as determined by the City Council shall be made for each <br />duplicate tag. Dog tags shall not be transferable from one dog to another and no refunds shall be made <br />on any dog license fee or tag because of death of a dog or the owner’s leaving the city before the <br />expiration of the license period. All licenses are renewed annually and are valid until December 31 of <br />that year. <br /> <br />(4) The licensing provisions of this section shall not apply to dogs whose owners are <br /> Page 3 of 20 <br /> <br />