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Savage City Council Meeting Agenda <br />July 20, 2020 <br />Page 2 <br /> <br />2. Consider adopting resolution approving interim use permit, conditional <br />use permit, and variance to facilitate reconstruction of a single-family <br />home on well and septic at 15744 Dakota Avenue, Project #20-33. <br /> <br />D. Police/Fire <br />E. Parks and Recreation <br />F. Public Works <br />G. Finance <br />H. General <br />1. Consider approval of LED Lighting System at the Sports Dome. <br /> <br />7. GENERAL BUSINESS <br /> A. Consider adopting an ordinance and resolution approving the preliminary <br /> development plan for Hampshire Preserve, Project No. 19-51. <br />B. Review 2nd Quarter General Fund financial report and Approve 2nd Quarter <br /> 2020 Investment report. <br /> <br />C. Review 2nd Quarter 2020 Liquor Fund financial report. <br /> <br />D. Consider amending the Authorized Position Report to include a Liquor <br /> Operations Manager and Account Clerk I. <br /> <br />E. Consider a temporary ordinance amending Chapter 112 of the Savage City Code <br /> allowing mobile food units. <br /> <br />8. APPROVE AUDITED CLAIMS <br />9. CITY COUNCIL REPORTS <br />10. WRITTEN COMMUNICATION, GENERAL INFORMATION AND FOLLOW -UP <br />11. ADJOURNMENT