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Savage City Council Meeting Minutes <br />Monday, July 6, 2020 <br /> <br />2 <br /> <br />1. Approved the 2020-2021 Mining Permit for Prior Lake Aggregate. <br /> <br />C. Planning <br />D. Police/Fire <br />E. Parks and Recreation <br />F. Public Works <br />G. Finance <br />H. General <br />1. Adopted Resolution R-20-49 appointing Election Judges for the State Primary on August <br />11, 2020. <br />2. Adopted Resolution R-20-50 authorizing the transfer of $106,000 from the Economic <br />Development Fund to the Economic Development Authority for the purposes of <br />implementing a small business recovery grant program. <br />3. Approved the COVID 19 Preparedness Plan Update. <br /> <br />Mayor Williams asked for clarification on the COVID 19 Preparedness Plan. Larson explained the changes <br />included the mask policy, state and CDC guideline changes, handling cash, and the request for the City <br />Administrator to administer when small changes occur. <br /> <br />7. GENERAL BUSINESS <br />A. Consider adopting a resolution on Plans and Specifications authorizing Advertisement for <br /> the Branding and Monumentation Enhancements Project, City Project No. 19 -48. <br /> <br />Engineer Thongvanh presented concepts developed to beautify the County Road 42 corridor and City <br />entrances. The design includes the monument signage at the intersection of County Roads 42 and 27 as <br />well as the City Campus sign at County Roads 27 and 16. <br /> <br />Thongvanh explained the revised cost estimates came in at $383,976 due to additional restoration area, an <br />irrigation system and lighting. <br /> <br />Johnson stated he did not feel the small monument to the north at the CR42/27 intersection was needed. <br />Abbott agreed. <br /> <br />Williams asked if there would be a sign on CR 42 at the Savage/Burnsville border. Thongvanh stated staff <br />is working with Burnsville and Dakota County to design something for this area. <br /> <br />Williams asked where the pillar signs will be, stating there has n ever been one near Prior Lake Rental, <br />which is part of Savage. Communications Manager Gunderson confirmed the area is included in plans for <br />smaller monument signs at various entrances to the City. <br /> <br />Johnson asked what the timeline of the project was. Gunderson explained the expected timeline for <br />completion is 2-4 years. <br /> <br />Thongvanh requested clarification from the City Attorney to authorize the plans and specifications with the <br />removal of the pillar as suggested by Council. Attorney Gregerson confirmed Council could make a motion <br />to amend the plans and specifications to include the changes. <br /> <br /> Motion by Kelly, seconded by Coughlen to adopt Resolution R-20-51 approving plans and <br /> specifications as amended and authorizing the advertisement for the branding and monumentation <br /> enhancements project, City Project No. 19-48. Motion carried 5-0. <br /> <br />B. Consider adopting a resolution on Plans and Specifications authorizing advertisement for <br /> Public Works Cold Storage Building Project, City Project No.20-30. <br />