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<br /> <br />CHAPTER 102: URBAN FOREST AND SHADE TREE MANAGEMENT <br /> <br /> <br />Section <br /> <br />102.01 Purpose <br />102.02 Intent <br />102.03 Definitions <br />102.04 Entry on private property and interference with inspection <br />102.05 Tree preservation permit required <br />102.06 Conditions of permit <br />102.07 Allowable tree removal <br />102.08 Tree replacement formula/criteria <br />102.09 Security <br />102.10 Public planting <br />102.11 Declaration of policy <br />102.12 Nuisance declared <br />102.13 Abatement required <br />102.14 Tree inspector <br />102.15 Interference prohibited <br />102.16 Diagnosis <br />102.17 Procedure for abatement and removal <br />102.18 Oak wilt prevention <br />102.19 Emerald Ash Borer prevention and management strategy <br />102.20 Transportation prohibited <br />102.21 Violations <br />102.22 Tree contractor registration <br />102.23 Natural areas management <br /> <br /> <br />§ 102.01 PURPOSE. <br /> <br />It is the purpose of this chapter to promote species diversity, to minimize erosion caused by <br />construction activities, to allow for the development of wooded areas in a manner that best <br />mitigates the removal and destruction of trees, to provide thereby incentive for creative land use <br />and site design, to provide for the administration and enforcement of the regulations and, in <br />general, to promote and protect the public health, safety and welfare. <br />(Prior Code, § 4-3-1) (Ord. 583-2004, passed 9-27-2004; Ord. 717, passed 5-20-2013) <br /> <br /> <br />§ 102.02 INTENT. <br /> <br />In order to protect and preserve the natural environment and beauty of the city is intended <br />that regulations contained herein shall apply to all land alterations defined by § 102.03, including <br />but not limited to land alterations defined by § 102.03, including but not limited to land <br />subdivision, building permits, excavation, clearing, grading and drainage, erosion control, <br /> Page 1 of 17 <br /> <br /> <br />